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5 thoughts on “Member Survey”

  1. I am a childminder and the toy library is a valuable resource for my business. As storage space is limited in my home being able to source and try out new toys and activities whenever the need arises is fantastic and environmentally friendly! I visit with the children to see what catches their interest and to look for inspiration to further their learning. PLEASE reconsider.

  2. The library offers opportunities for my child, who has additional needs, to expand his range of play and learning experiences by allowing us to have toys at home that we would not be able to afford to provide otherwise. Moreover the social experience of visiting the library is beneficial. The service is very well run, the staff are engaging and inclusive. It would be a loss to the community if it were to be cut.

  3. The Lewisham Toy Library is a brilliant service and a wonderful offering for families living in Lewisham. We used the toy library for a number of years for a number of reasons

    1) cost savings on buying new toys
    2) variety and quality of toys
    3) reduction in the amount of used toys going into landfill or not being recycled
    4) enjoyment of a community service, my son would look forward to his weekly or bi monthly visit to the toy library where we would find a new toy to bring home – including some ride on toys, pop up tents and even a slide for the garden
    5) we were able to hire tables and chairs at a very affordable rate for children’s birthday parties

    To lose the toy library would really be a loss for the whole community. There was always something new and always care by the team that there was something for all children .

  4. It will be a huge lost of community support, if Lewisham Toy Library were to close down. The library is very useful to me for different needs. I hire tables, chairs and toys there for my children’s birthday parties. Moreover, my children are always very exticeted whenever we visit the library as they enjoy using the toys there. I know of another friend of mine who very often use the toy library as she cannot afford to buy most of the educational toys she is able to hire at a very affordable rate from Lewisham Toy Library, from other retail toy shops.

    Please, Please, Please, do not close down the toy library as l personal find it a tremendous help, even during Christmas period, l hired tables and chairs from there as l invited friends and families over for Xmas lunch and dinner.
    Closing the library down will be a very huge loss of community support.

    Patience Weston

  5. Hi,
    I am a Childminder and I regurarly use the Lewisham Toy library for hid diversity of toys and ressources to help my mindees develop and learn. It is an essential support for my business. The Toy library give also a sens of community which nowaday is very important. I love going there and my son find it a magical place. Thanks to the toy library he just learn how to pedal on his bike without stabiliserd using the balance bike we borrowed! The toy library gave us a the memory of that precious moment. Please don’t take away from our community, we need it so much in so many different levels. Thank you.

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