Save Lewisham Toy Library

Save Lewisham Toy Library

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17 thoughts on “Save Lewisham Toy Library”

  1. Please don’t close down the toy library. We’ve only just discovered it and it is a fantastic resource. We are short of space in our flat and money is tight so this fantastic resource helps us to find toys for our little girl. She is 12 weeks old so we’d love to be able to borrow son of those fantastic learning resources over the next few years. It would be such a shame to lose the story sacks, the sensory toys and the many other resources. Please save the toy library!

  2. I’ve been a member for about 5 months for my now 14 month old daughter. I have been training hard to become a childminder so I can earn a living doing what I love (I’m usually an early years nursery/primary teacher) while also being able to teach/care for my daughter alongside that. The toy library is essential to me being able to provide the good quality care I want to-following the Early Years Foundation stage- whereby Ofsted rates the quality of our care on enabling the children to learn, following their individual needs and interests. Having access to such a wide range of toys means I will be able to do this. Childminders earn very little as it is, it’s not possible to buy (or store) the range of toys needed to do this well. This is a vital resource!
    Besides the childminding, the toy library has been so valuable for borrowing toys for my daughter. I will definitely be donating her toys in the future.

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  4. I used the toy library on a weekly basis when my children were under 5 and my husband was a student, our flat was full of fantastic toys from the library and the children loved going and choosing. Money was tight but I knew the children could benefit from a wide range of toys and equipment. Such a great resource, don’t close it down!

  5. I am a childminder looking after five young children altogether, so the toys I can borrow from the library benefit a lot of people – five plus my own two children! As a registered childminder I follow the DevelopmentMatters and it is always great to be able to ask for personalised advice as to which toys would best help me develop a particular area of knowledge for the children. It is a wonderful thing to come in mulling over a problem: how do I encourage them to share? How can I give him something that stimulates his curiosity? and to oh home with exactly the right toys – and many of them. Ever so precious and a service I really want to see continuing in lewisham!

  6. I first used Lewisham Toy Library in 1998 and have been there many times with all 3 of my children. Visiting the Toy Library was always a highlight in their week and they had access to equipment they would never have used otherwise.
    I also run a local toddler group in Deptford and have referred many families to Lewisham toy library over the past 16 years. It’s a wonderful invaluable resource that has enabled so many families to increase their children’s play and learning opportunities. Please don’t close it.

  7. We have been members of this wonderful library for 5 years. Both my children have benefited from having a wider variety of age-specific educational toys than I would’ve been able to provide otherwise, both in terms of cost and space in the house. This well-run resource is hugely important and valuable to the local community, and it is very short-sighted of the council if they think the relatively small funding required is not worthwhile.

  8. The Toy Library is a wonderful resource for children and families and also a lovely place to go because of the people that run it. Its such a brilliant idea and works so well and it is a crying shame that the Council cant find the relatively small funds to keep it running. In terms of value for money it must be a winner, but yet again the Council are only looking at the bottom line – the cost not the value. It makes me sad.

  9. Lewisham Toy Library is a great resource which we have used for both our children over the last 5 years. The service offered is truely excellent and it will be a great loss if it were to close. In these days when many peole are seeing their incomes go down in real terms, thelibrary provides an opportunity for children to play with high quality, fun and educational toys. This is an opportunty many children will now lose out on. I cannot imagine that closing the library will save significant amounts of money in the great scheme of things and I hope the council will reconsider. When times are hard ensuring the next generation are given the opportunities they need to thrive should be our priority.

  10. The Lewisham Toy Library is a vital community resource. We have been borrowing toys monthly for 5 years. They have unique materials that we could not access otherwise, such as special needs equipment for our sons with Autism Spectrum Disorder and very carefully chosen learning tools to support their home education program (such as Story sacks, phonics learning games, board games, CDs and so on). The Toys available are very thoughtfully curated, and often not widely available (for example play figures including the non able bodied or of different ethnicities). A cut to this service will be yet another blow to the most vulnerable. Stop replacing pavements and lampposts that are perfectly serviceable and spend money on giving children a great start in life.

  11. The Toy Library has benefited my family and is a great thing for the extremely diverse community of Catford. People of all backgrounds and incomes have found it an invaluable resource. Please don’t make our children the victim of the cuts.

  12. Lewisham Toy Library has been a hugely important local resource to myself and my family since I gave up work 5 years ago to bring my children up. We lived in a tiny flat and didn’t have the space for many toys, so being able to borrow toys, then return them once the kids were bored of them, was really important. Being on one salary, we didn’t have any disposable income to buy toys new, so it was an essential resource for us. I am now Nanny to younger twins since my daughters went to school, and have continued to use LTL to supply great toys for them. It would be a travesty if this resource wasn’t available for future families.

  13. Please save toy library! It is such a great opportunity for children to play with variety of educational toys whilst it is impossible for any parent to fulfil the increasing demands of kids to buy toys whatever they see on their way. I have always told my kid that we will borrow from toy library and she as a kid has accepted that it is fun to be borrowing toys from library.
    It was playbus last year and now toy library :-(Please do not shut down!

  14. As a childminder without a huge amount of space to store toys at my home, the Lewisham Toy Library has been invaluable for resources to educate the Early Years children in my care, which are enjoyable for them to use. The library presents key games and toys which can teach all aspects within the Early Years Foundation Stage in Prime and Specific areas of learning and also offers sensory resources for children with Special Educational Needs. It is of great benefit to the families of young children and child carers of the Lewisham borough, by providing a better choice of educational tools.

  15. Without family in London we didn’t receive lots of presents or hand-me-downs like some people. The toy library meant we could provide interesting toys to our child that kept us with his development without spending time and money seeking out good, cost-effective options. Instead we can spend what money we have for our child on activities like swimming lessons and dance classes. I also love that I’m helping to reduce the landfill and waste from toys that are only used for a few months.

  16. This is an excellent resource for the local community as it means you can expose your child to a really wide range of toys that you might not have the money or space for.

  17. Dwayne Baraka
    I have saved money, kept my apartment in better order and expose my son to a much wider array of toys (including differently able toys and toys from other cultures).
    My son would have less (and less eduacational) toys to play with.

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