Staff and Board

 Our Librarian

The supporting pillar of the Lewisham Toy Library is… its librarian!

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new librarian – to commence on 13 July. The library is currently staffed by the Board and volunteers.

Our Board

Our Librarian is supported – and controlled!- by a board that meets once a month. They are often volunteers who started off being library members and then decided they wanted to get a little more involved.


Eli is our accountant




Dwayne has visions and bosses us around




Elisabeth likes organising events




Aimee tells us what to say on things like the Facebook and in press releases



Martin helps keep us all in check!



closed doors

Patrick is our Honorary Treasurer. He does stuff with money!


If you feel YOU would like to get more involved, you can  Become a trustee!


Learning through play