Why use a Toy Library

Why use a Toy Library

There are so many reasons to make use of a Toy Library!

Here are some that we can identify, but feel free to tell us about more in the comments, below!

  • Cost effective compared to buying toys
  • Lets you target age-specific development needs
  • Give your child exposure to other cultures (we have many toys to help with this!)
  • Play helps development – more and more diverse plays helps more development
  • Save Money!
  • Better imagination through variety of dress-ups
  • Save space in your house!
  • Reduce battery purchasing
  • Reduce our reliance on plastics
  • Be friendly to the environment
  • Helps to reduce consumerism (in you and maybe your children)
  • If your child doesn’t like the toy – return it and get another one
  • Get access to toys you wouldn’t buy
  • Trial a toy that you are thinking of buying
  • Regularly cleaned toys (I bet you don’t clean all toys – we do!)
  • Seasonally appropriate use of toys

Why Encourage Learning Through Play?

Why use a toy libraryOur motto is Learning Through Play.  There is some excellent scientific basis to think that play is required for learning and development of children. Science tells us:

  1. Play leads to better learning outcomes for school-age children
  2. Play with others leads to increased awareness of other people’s feelings and empathy by the child
  3. Play helps to teach social rules
  4. An active child tends to become an active adult
  5. Play helps children learn numbers and physical development is correlated to intellectual development
  6. Children that play feel safer in their environment

Source: http://www.livescience.com/15541-top-5-benefits-play.html 

Learning through play