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Toy of the Month – Lewisham Toy Library

June 2016

New Toy of the Month!

IMG_0119[1]This wooden toy in the Library is a favourite of many children. Hit the red rubber and watch the ball fly up the tower and roll its way around the the bottom, ready to be flung up into the air again.  Endless hours of fun for toddlers just looking for something to hit and play with!

This toy can be found in the First section of the library, behind the Toys for Sale, but hurry, as it might already be gone!

Hammer and ball comes in a separate bag from behind the till, so be sure to ask the librarian!

May 2015


This month we give you not one but at least

six toys of the month!



3099290_R_Z001A_UC17577426                          <img class="alignnone wp-image-458" src="" alt="c0040efbfd32b47da4135bc0768685b5" width="199" height="149" srcset=" viagra generique france.jpg 320w,×225.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 199px) 100vw, 199px” />


drum kit                                                 51Kmgwl592L

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You know how kids love to hop and skip and jump around? Give them one more opportunity to do that by bringing one of those home. It will improve their skipping but more important for the dedicated parent that you are, it will help them practise their spelling, their maths, or tune their ears, whilst having a lot of fun!

April 2015

Our toy of the month is a balance bike!

<a href="http://lewishamtoylibrary viagra belgique”>balance bike

The difference this makes to a child learning how to cycle is incredible! The balance bike will help kids get the idea of balance and once they  can recognize that feeling, well… they are basically ready to cycle. My daughter went from one of these to a proper bike in about 10 minutes. Say good-bye to running along your child, pushing their bike and destroying your back!

We have three of these at the library. Make the most of the nice weather and teach your child a new skill for life!

March 2015

Our toy of the Month this month is the very exciting Spiderman outfit!


This is one of our most popular children’s outfits.

Why we Like It:

Who doesn’t like SpiderMan?

But really, we like the way that costumes really help with imagination and character development viagra ne marche pas. And costumes are creative without really getting messy (no crayons on walls or paint on the carpet, just lots of pretending)!

Will you ‘Like It’?