Since 1999, our core funding has decreased by more than 75% in monetary terms and more than 85% in real terms. We have cut operations to the bone and we rely more than ever on the donations of organisations and people to keep running.

In 2015 we reported record number of contacts with people who had need of our services. It’s remarkable that we are still around with all the cuts that have happened in the Lewisham area, but its due in no small part to donations from people like you.

Our average donation is more than £20, and here are some examples* of what we can do with your donations:

£22          Subsidise the membership of a family on Income Support

£27          Buy family a membership (eg. no recourse to public funds)

£55          Run some volunteer training

£150       Pay our basic office expenses for one month

£250       Refresh a line of toys

£1350    Pay all our ordinary costs for one month.

Donation Information

I would like to make a donation in the amount of:

I would like this donation to go to a specific fund

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I am a UK taxpayer and my gift qualifies for Gift Aid.


In addition to the valuable money that you give to us, we are bolstered by your donations of toys.

If that is something that you’d like to donate, please contact us.

Depending on the quality of the item and likely loan-ability, we will put it into circulation or find some other way to benefit the library.


* Please note that the examples above are just that. We are grateful that your donations aren’t tagged to specific use, unless you contact us prior to making the donation to let us know of your intention, which will be happy to honour!


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