Become a Trustee

Lewisham Toy Library is always delighted to have members join us to help with managing the Toy Library – virtually all of the current Board started as members!

We need a Chair

We don’t mean something to sit on – We are currently looking for a Chair of our Board. It’s a very important role for us, and we want to ensure that we find the right person.

For more details of that role, see here.

Want to be a Trustee

For our whole existence we have been dependent on people like you to help us!

If you want to be a Trustee for the Lewisham Toy Library, you can apply here.

Thanks to Team London for helping us with this!

Skills we Need

Skills that we currently need to keep the Toy Library in tip-top shape are:

  • web design
  • social media
  • fundraising
  • auditor
  • writing our newsletter
  • maintaining the toys

If you want to help out, you can contact us at

There are sometimes also additional opportunities on our Volunteering page.

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