Membership options

Membership is available to all families, childminders, careers, and nonprofit groups in and around the London Borough of Lewisham. Below are our prices.

You are welcome to come to visit us and explore our toys before you sign up for a membership.

Single child

6 months
5 toys, including 1 large item
1 year
5 toys, including 1 large item


6 months
8 toys, including 2 large items
1 year
8 toys, including 2 large items

Income support

Income support, standard
1 year
5 toys, including 1 large item
Income support, sibling
1 year
8 toys, including 2 large items


1 year
8 toys, including 2 large item
1 year
12 toys, including 4 large items

How to pay for your membership

You can pay for your membership fees in person at the Toy Library, or you can pay here online via PayPal (including by most credit cards).

Please ensure that you give us your name in the box.

Option to add an optional donation on top of their membership.


Type of Membership
Your Name

Membership FAQs

Find out more about how to join, what we need from you and our terms and conditions.

How do I join?

You can sign up and join in-store.

You are welcome to register and pay for your membership online in advance, but you are still required to come into the store as we need to validate your ID and proof of address in person. 

Kindly book an appointment before attending the store, here


Who can join?

Anyone living in Lewisham or nearby may become a member of Lewisham Toy Library.

What documents will I need?

You will need to produce 2 items of ID to join in person (or when you first use our services if you join online). Acceptable forms of ID include:
Photo ID (1 of these, showing current address if relevant):

  • driver’s license
  • passport

Other acceptable documents (2 of these showing current address):

  • council tax bill
  • utility bill
  • income support notice

If you join as an Income Support, Childminder or Organisation member, you will need to produce proof when you first borrow toys. Childminders should bring in their childminding certificates and organisations should have one named person and bring in the group’s letterhead.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay membership fees via PayPal, who accept most debit and credit cards.

How long can I borrow the toys for?

  • You may borrow up to 5 items, each for up to 4 weeks. You are only entitled to borrow one large item at one time (identified by the prefix ‘L’ in the item identification code).
  • A member organisation may borrow up to 12 items, for up to 4 weeks each. It is entitled to borrow up to 6 large items at one time.

How do I return toys?

Toys must be returned in store. You will need to book a returns appointment via setmore here.

You must renew or return items to LTL by closing time on the return date (or the earliest prior opening date if that date is a public holiday). If you keep items beyond that date, you will be charged a late fee at current rates (including for days on which the shop is not open). Late fees are 20 pence per toy per day. 

Unless it has been reserved by another borrower, an item may be renewed by telephone or email for 2 further periods of 4 weeks without being returned to LTL. If you want to renew the item for a further period, you must bring it to LTL to be re-issued.

Subject to ordinary wear and tear, items must be returned in the same condition as they were borrowed, clean and in a good state of repair. Toys and equipment are checked and cleaned on return.

What happens if I lose or break the toys?

Toys with missing parts

LTL will not accept a returned item with missing parts. Members are responsible for checking toys before you return them. LTL will grant an extra two weeks beyond the original 4 week loan period to bring back item with all its parts. After that, LTL reserves the right to charge a fine equal to the reasonable replacement costs of the toy. 

Lost or damaged toys 

We understand that children’s toys do occasionally get damaged, and we do not charge for minor (cosmetic) damage or ordinary wear and tear. You are responsible for reporting any loss or damage as soon as possible.

You are responsible for any loss or damage to items that you have borrowed.   

Fees for broken or lost toys 

LTL reserves the right to reject replacements for lost items if they do not meet the value of the lost item.

LTL reserves the right to will charge a fine equal to the reasonable replacement or repair costs of the toy and all broken, missing or damaged toys will incur a minimum £5 charge. 

How do I cancel my membership?

If for any reason you want to cancel your membership, you should notify us in writing at before your membership renews. Or simply do not renew your membership when it expires. We do not offer refunds. We do not automatically take renewal payments. 

You will remain responsible for any outstanding items or charges despite the cancellation of your membership.

Are there any additional fees?

Broken, missing or damaged toys will incur a minimum £5 charge. The amount will be determined based on the age, price and popularity of the toy.

Our late fee is 20 pence per toy per day.

Are you a charity?

Yes. Lewisham Toy Library is a charity. We operate with limited resources, and we do not receive on a regular grant from the council. We rely on on membership fees to enable us to run the service. 

What are the terms and conditions?

You can view our full terms and conditions here: Terms and Conditions.

How do I complain?

Should you wish to dispute any fines or make a complaint, you will need to address a request/complaint form to the board of trustees who will provide a response as soon as practicable. You can contact the trustees at or you can write to us at Lewisham Toy Library, Unit 46, Molesworth St, London SE13 7EP.

You can find out about the trustees here on the Charity Commission website